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What is Meditative Provings?

Meditative Provings is a collection of more than 80 new homeopathic remedy pictures published in two volumes. Each volume is about 280 pages long, printed on quality paper in hard covers, with a stitched binding to withstand regular use in everyday prescribing. The title is embossed in gold on a purple cloth cover for Volume 1 and green cloth for Volume 2.

How can I buy a copy or copies?

You can buy Meditative Provings Volumes I and II directly from Madeline Evans.

Can I buy outside the UK?

Yes, we ship internationally. Please call +44 (0)1904 784274 or email for more information.

Do you do discounting for large orders?

Yes, for more information or to discuss a discount contact us before you place an order.

What is your Refund Policy?

We will refund or replace any goods that may have arrived at the destination in un-useable or faulty condition.

You have the right to cancel your order at any time for any reason before delivery and within seven working days after the day of receiving your goods. Should you decide to request a refund please notify us immediately by emailing After seven working days the sale is considered closed and we will not make a refund.

We will fully refund the money paid to us within 30 working days to your credit/debit card.

In the event of you cancelling your order within the time frame mentioned above, you will be responsible for the cost of returning your goods to us in a saleable condition (that is unopened and unused). If you do not return the goods within 30 working days we may reduce your refund to cover the cost of collecting the goods.

For queries relating to refunds please contact

Where can I buy the remedies mentioned in the book?

All of the remedies in the book are available from

Helios Homeopathy
89-97 Camden Road,
Tunbridge Wells
Kent, England TN1 2QR
phone: 01892 537254

Where did the information in the book come from?

The book began as notes collated for Madeline Evans' own use from meditation groups with which she was involved over several years in the 1990s. These groups proved homeopathic remedies through meditation, providing many new and useful remedy pictures which encompass not only physical and emotional symptoms but also spiritual states and processes. They are indeed remedies for the 21st century which reflect the changed and changing energies of the new millenium.

The information on each remedy is given in note form for easy access and reference under headings which include the key areas of action of the remedy, the chakras with which it has an affinity, the emotional and physical themes which are prominent and specific physical, mental and emotional symptoms. There are also therapeutic indications and prescribing guidelines. The chapter on the remedy Rose Quartz is presented here as an example.

Also included in the book are:

  • outline of the fundamental characteristics of each chakra
  • groupings of remedies according to affinity with organs and body systems
  • repertory of symptoms
  • chart of remedies for cancer symptoms
  • chart of remedies related to each chakra

Meditative Provings
Volume 1

Meditative Provings
Volume 2

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