Meditative Provings

Index of Meditative Provings Vols 1 & 2

This index has been compiled by Jane Hunter with the help of many of my students.


Abandoned Br Rice, Bog Asp, Bfly, Holly B, Moon, Thymus G
Abortion Chest W, Lac Hum, Oak, Tig E, Wych Elm,

Abuse, general Chalc, C Beech, Chest W, Eworm, Gfish, Holly B, Med Am, Obsid, Rbow, Rhodoc, Rose Q

Abuse, sexual Amet, Budd
Acromegaly Amet, S Holly, Sequ

Addiction Ameth, Con, Green, Holly B, Jade, Obsid, Purp, Wych Elm, Yell

Adolescence Bay, Bfly, C Well, Chest R, Chest W, Clay, Frank, Hazel, HB Poppy, Jet, Kig, Lac Hum, Mim, Okou, Peri, Rbow

Adoption Lac Hum, S Holly, Sequ, Yell

AIDS Aya, Chalc, Chest R, C Beech, Frank, Gfish, Green, Hbeam, HB Poppy, Kig, Med Am, Peri, Rhodoc, Ruby, Sea H, Syc S, Visc Alb

Allergies Apple, Aya, Bay, Chest R, Clay, Emer, Gfish, Holly, Kig, Lac Hum, Nat Fluor, Oak, Okou, S Salt

Alcoholics Amethyst, Purple, Green

Alopaecia Sequ

Alzheimers see Dementia

Ambitious Holly, Oak, Sequ, Thymus

Amniocentesis C Well, Green

Anaemia Holly, Purp, Red, Strawb

Anaesthetics Budd, Ether, Holly B, Jet

Ancestors Ameth, Aya, B Wall, Budd, Bfly, C Well, Emer, Holly, Holly B, Lac Hum, Med Am, M Way, Moon, Nat Fluor, Nettle, Rhod, Rose Q, S Salt, Visc Alb

Anger Blue, Clay, C Beech, Cotton, F-me-not, Hazel, Holly B, Med Am, M Way, Oak, Obsid, Ora, Red, Rhod, Ruby, Swood, S Salt, Slate, Tig E

Animals Blue, Frank, Hazel, Nat Fluor

Anorexia see eating disorders

Anticipation Budd, Green, Med Am

Antidotal Bay, B Wall, Lotus (coffee), S Holly, Wych Elm,

Anxiety Apple, Ash, Bay, Blue, Br Rice, Budd, Bfly, Chest R, F-me-not, Frank, Med Am, Purp, Rose, Rhod, Snowdrop, Wych Elm
- about state of the world Alm, Lac Hum, Rose
- conscience of Nat Fluor

Arrogance M Way, Nat Fluor

Arteries, clogged, thickened Rbow, Sea H, Willow

Arthritis Alm, Amet, Bay, Blue, Clay, Chest W, C Beech, Gfish, Green, Holly, Kig, Lotus, Obsid, Okou, Rose, Sea H, Sfish, Syc S, Will

- rheumatoid Alm, Blue, Rose
Asberger’s Syndrome Br Rice
Assimilation of food Aya, Bfly, Eworm, Kig, Lac Hum

Asthma Ameth, Ash, Bay, Budd, Clay, Cotton, Frank, Gfish, Jet, Med Am, Moon, Okou, Peri, Rhod, Rose Q, Visc Alb, Willow

Aura, heals and seals Ameth, Aya, C Well, Eworm, F-me-not, Holly, Jade, Lotus, Mim, Oak, Ora, Rbow, Spect, Swood, Wych Elm, Yell

Autism Aya, Bay, B Wall, Bog Asp, Br Rice, Chalc, F-me-not, Holly B, Jet, Kig, Nat Fluor, Sequ, Wych Elm


Betrayed Bfly

Birth – incarnation Bay, B Wall, Blue, Budd, Bfly, C Well, Copper B, Emer, Ether, Frank, Gfish, Hbeam, Lotus, Oak, Obsid, Ora, Peri, Purp, Red, Rose Q, Sea H, Sel, Stone, Syc S, Yell

Birth – physical Amet, Aya, Blue, Budd, Bfly, Holly, Em, Lac H, Peri, Purp, Slate, Strawb, Syc S, Wych Elm, Yell

Blames others Tig E

Blood, aids clottting Chest W, Ruby

Blood clots Rbow, Ruby
Blood, disordered cells Nat Fluor
Blood, dyscrasias M Way
Blood poisoning Br Rice

Blood transfusion Holly B, Red

Blue babies Aya, Blue, Caes, Gfish, Holly B, Purp

Body clock Cotton

Bonding Ameth, Clay, Holly B, Lac Hum, Rose Q, Sea H, S Salt

Bone pain HB Poppy, Nat Fluor,

Brain activation Alm, Amet, Cotton, Hazel, Horn, M Way, Oak

Brain development poor Apple Ash, Nat Fluor,

Brain injury Amet, Br Rice, Budd, Emer, Frank, Kig, Med Am, Oak, Sequ

Brain tumour Budd, Bfly, C Beech, Emer, Gfish, Nat Fluor, Olive

Breastfeeding Chalc, Gfish, Hazel, Lac Hum, Med Am, Moon, Rhodoc, Sel, Sequ, Syc S

- too long Lac Hum, Rose Q
Bullied B Wall, GFish, Lac Hum, Strawb, Visc Alb

Burdens, releases Ash, Budd, C Beech, F-me-not, Jade, Oak, Rhodoc, Thymus G, Will

Burns Budd, Lotus, Mold, Red, Swood,



Calming Alm, Ash, Bay, Blue, Chest W, Frank, Green,  Hazel, Holly B, Jade, Kig, Med Am, Nettle, Peri, Red, Sapph, Spect, Sea H, Stone, SWood

Cancer Alm, Bay, Bfly, Caes, Clay, Con, Cotton, C Beech, Eworm, Emer, Gfish, Holly, Jet, Kig, Lac Hum, Med Am, Nat Fluor,  Nettle, Obsid, Phant Q, Plut, Red, Rose Q, Ruby, Swood, Sea H, Sequ, S Salt, Strawb, Syc S, Yell, Visc Alb

Candida Clay, B Rice, Thymus G, Yell

Carcinogenic see Miasm – Carcinogenic

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome S Salt

Cataracts Apple, Aya, Blue, Budd, Br Rice, C Beech, Gfish, Lotus, Moon, Swood, Sfish, Stront, Tig E

Catarrh Amet, Aya, Bay, Br Rice, Clay, Hazel, Lac Hum, Med Am, Okou, Sel, Stront, Syc S, Visc Alb

Cerebral palsy Amet, Clay, C Beech, F-me-not, HB Poppy, Kig, Obsid

Ceremonies Chest W, Nat Fluor, 

Child, 1st displaced by 2nd Cott

Children and babies Apple, Ash, Alm, Bay, Budd, Bfly, Clay, Chest W, Eworm, F-me-not, Frank, Gfish, Hazel, Holly, Holly B, Hbeam, HB Poppy, Jet, Lac Hum, Med Am, M Way, Nat Fluor, Nettle, Obsid, Ora, Peri, Rhodoc, Rose, Rose Q, Ruby, Slate, Syc S, Tig E, Visc Alb

Chlamydia Chest W

Choking, fear of Apple

Cholesterol Alm, Banyan, Cott, Will

CJD C Beech, Lac Hum, Moon, Visc Alb

Chronic fatigue - see ME

Claustrophobia C Beech, Gfish, Holly B

Cleansing Ameth, Aya, Blue, Br Rice, Caes, Chalc, Clay, Eworm, Frank, Hazel, Holly B, Jade, Kig, Lac H, Med Am, Mold, Nat Fluor, Oak, Obsid, Ora, Peri, Plut, Rbow, Rhodoc, Rose Q, Ruby, Swood, Sea H, S Salt, Sequ, Slate, Strawb, Stront, Syc S, Tig E, Visc Alb Wych Elm, Yell

Clumsy, dyspraxia Bay, C Beech, Eworm, Gfish, Lotus, Plut, Rose Q, Syc S, Visc Alb

Cobweb sensation Orange, Sequ

Cold Apple, B Wall, Blue, Bfly, Chalc, Hbeam, Kig, M Way, Moon, Rhodoc, Sea H, Slate, Tig E

Cold sores Jet, Mold

Coma Bay, Budd, Ether, Kig, Med Am, Oak, Phant Q, Sequ

Computers agg Eworm+Hyp

Concentration, lack of Holly B, Nat Fluor,

Confined B Wall, Frank, Gfish, Kig, Syc S

Conform, under pressure to Br Rice, Bfly

Constipation Apple

- children Eworm

Controller Ash, Frank, M Way,

Cretinism Jet

Crohn’s Disease Eworm, Holly, Olive, S Birch

Curses and Spells Aya, Olive, Wych Elm


Dementia (Alzheimer’s) Caes, Chest W, Eworm, Emer, Gfish, Hbeam, Kig, Med Am, Rhodoc, Sequ, Sfish, Slate, Syc S

Dental work Budd, Cotton

Depression Ash, B Wall, Blue, Bfly, Chest W, Clay, Con, F-me-not, Frank, Holly, Holly B, Jet, Nat Fluor, Obsid, Phant Q, Purp, Rbow, Rose Q, Ruby, S Salt, Sel, Sequ, Slate, Stront, Visc Alb

Depression, post natal Blue, F-me-not, Jet

Despair Budd, Holly B, Nat Fluor, Rose

Diabetes Bay, Clay, C Well, Chest W, C Beech, Cotton, Ruby, Syc S, Visc Alb

Difficult to be here Clay, Jet, Lotus, Rose Q, Will

Diphtheria Sfish

Disappointment Bay, Jet

Discharges, black Aya, Mold, Wych Elm

Discharges, fishy Visc Alb

Discharges, green Bay, Holly, Rose Q

Diverticulitis Obsid, Strawb, Visc Alb

Dizziness Bfly, C Beech, Em, Gfish, Holly, Lotus, Phant Q, Purp, Swood, S Salt

Domination Chalc, Con, Strawb, Visc Alb

Don’t want to be here Apple, Bay, Clay, Frank., Gfish, Rose Q, S Salt

Down’s Syndrome Blue, Budd, Clay, Emer, Gfish, Med Am, Nat Fluor, Purp

Dreamy Bay, Chalc, Con, F-me-not, Gfish, Holly B, Lotus, Okou, Plut, Purp, Rose Q, Ruby, S Salt, Yell

Drowning Caes, Frank, Thymus G

Drugs, general Aya, Chalc, C Well, Holly B, Jade, Obsid, Rbow

Drugs, medical Apple, B Wall, Chalc, Kig, Lotus, Obsid, Visc Alb

Drugs, recreational Bay, Blue, F-me-not, Holly, Lotus, Obsid, Phant Q, Rbow, Rose Q

Drugs, children of parents who take Ash, Rbow, Sdrop

Dryness Alm, Bay, Chalc, Clay, Con, C Beech, Gfish, Holly, Moon, Okou, Purp, Rhodoc

Duality Alm, Ash, Aya, B Wall, C Beech, Gfish, Green, Holly B, Lotus, Plut, Rbow, Slate, Syc S, Tig E, Wych Elm

Dying Aya, B Wall, Budd, Caes, C Well, Ether, Frank, Holly B, Hbeam, HB Poppy, Jet, Lac Hum, Lotus, Nettle, Nat Fluor, Orange, Obsid, Plut, Purp, Rhodoc, Swood, Sea H, Sel, Stone, Strawb, Syc S, Wych Elm, Yell

Dying, soul hangs on after Ash
Dyslexia Bay, Caes, Chalc, C Beech, Eworm, Gfish, Jade, Kig, Okou, Sequ, Slate



Eating disorders Br Rice, Chalice W, Eworm, Holly B, Jet, Lac Hum, Nettle, S Holly, Syc S, Wych Elm

Eczema Br Rice, Clay, Chest R, Emer, Holly, Lotus, Med Am, Mold, Okou, Red, Rhodoc, Sea H, S Salt, Yell

Ego Budd, Chest W, Con, Emer, Eworm, Gfish, Holly, Lotus, Nettle, Ora, Phant Q, Purp, Red, Sea H, Will

Elderly Alm, Ash, Aya, Bay, Chest W, Clay, Con, C Beech, Holly B, HB Poppy, Purp, Rhodoc, Sea H, Sel, Sfish, Yell, Wych Elm

Elementals Hbeam, Jet, Mimosa, Moon, Sea H

Emaciation Aya, Budd, Sea H

Embolism Ruby

Emphysema Apple, Ash, Aya, Mim

Endometriosis B Wall, Red, Yell

Energy, high Blue, C Well, C Beech, Lac Hum, Med Am, M Way, Okou, Plut, Red, Rose Q, Sequ, Sfish, Tig E

Energy low Ash, Hazel, HB Poppy M Way,,

Epidural see Lumbar puncture

Epilepsy Ameth, Bog Asp, Emer, C Beech, M Way, Purp, Sfish, Visc Alb

Exhaustion Ash, Bay, Hbeam, Phant Q, Rhodoc, Strawb, Wych Elm

Exorcism Ameth, Aya, Hazel, Holly B, Jet, Kig, Moon, Swood, Stront, Wych Elm



Fastidious Bay, Br Rice, Blue, F-me-not, Ruby, Sea H

Fathers Budd, Emer, Green, Holly, Rose Q, Yell

Fear Apple, Ash, Aya, B Wall, Br Rice, Budd, Bfly, Caes, C Well, C Beech, Frank, Gfish, Holly B, Kig, Med Am, M Way, M Way, Mim, Mold, Nat Fluor, Obsid, Phant Q, Plut, Purp, Red, Rhodoc, Ruby, Swood, Slate, Spect, Strawb, Syc S, Visc Alb, Will, Wych Elm, Yell

Fevers Holly, Lotus, Red, Syc S, Tig E

Fibroids Budd, Moon, Nat Fluor, Oak, Rose

Fistula Hazel
Fluoride Alm, Nat Fluor

Foetal abnormality, history of C Beech, Emer, Purp, Will

Food see Assimilation of food

Forgiveness Green, Kig, Lotus, Ora, Wych Elm

Fragility Br Rice, Chalc, F-me-not, Peri

Frigidity Blue, C Beech, Eworm, Gfish, Holly, Lac Hum, Oak, Obsid, Rhodoc, Rose Q, Tig E, Visc Alb, Will

Fungal Gfish, Sequ, Yell


Gallstones B Wall, Clay, Holly, Gfish, Oak, Sea H

Gender confusion Chest R, Eworm, Jet, Lac Hum, Med Am, Obsid, Red, Rose Q, Syc S, Tig E

Geopathic stress Apple, B Wall, Cotton, Holly, S Birch, Wych Elm

Glue ear Clay, Okou, Syc Seed

Grief Amet, Apple, Ash, Aya, Blue, Bog Asp, Br Rice, Budd, C Well, Con, Gfish, Green, F-me-not, Holly B, Kig, Lotus, Moon, Nettle, Oak, Ora, Rose, Rose, Rose, Swood, Sapp, Sea H, Slate, Will

Grounding Apple, Ash, Budd, Bfly, Jade, Jet, Lotus, Nat Fluor, Oak, Obsid, Ora, Phant Q, Sapp, Strawb

Growth, maturation Ash, Bay, Br Rice, Budd, Bfly, Caes, Chest R, Eworm, Green, Holly, Jet, Phant Q, Rose Q, Sea H, Sequ, Sfish, Visc Alb

Guilt Apple, Blue, C Well, Holly B, Hbeam, Lac Hum, Med Am, M Way, Red, Rose Q, Ruby, S Salt, Syc S



Haemorrhage Bay, Hazel, Holly, Holly B, Red, Sea H, Strawb

Hands, plays with Tig E

Hard to be here Alm, Caes, Clay, Jet, Kig, Lotus, Purple, Obsid, Rose, Rose Q, SWood, Sapp, Will, Wych Elm,

Harmonising Ash, M Way,

Hayfever Ash, Bay, Con, Holly, Okou, S Salt

Healer, universal Lotus

Healers Eworm, Frank, Lotus, Ora, Phant Q, Swood

Healing with hands, before Aya, Peri, Purp

Heart pain Frank, Holly B, Rbow, Rhodoc, Rose, Sfish, Will

Heat Bfly, Caes, Con, C Beech, Ether, F-me-not, Gfish, Holly, Lotus, Med Am, Nat Fluor, Okou, Phant Q, Plut, Rbow, Red, Rhodoc, Tig E, Yell

Hernia Oak

Herpes Zoster Amet, Gfish

Hidden states Aya, Bay, Chalc, Eworm, Green, Holly, Holly B, HB Poppy, Jet, Kig, Nat Fluor, Purp, Rose Q, Ruby, Sfish, Syc S, Wych Elm, Yell

Hormone balancing Blue, Br Rice, Hazel, Jade, Syc S

Hot flushes Holly, Lotus, Med, Mim, Nat Fluor, Rbow, Red, Syc S, Tig E, Yell

HRT Emer, Hazel, Phant Q, Red, Rhod, Rose, S Birch, Syc S, Tig E

Hyperactivity Amet, Bay, Clay, F-me-not, Gfish, Med Am, Nat Fluor, Okou, Sfish,

Hypertension Budd, Peri, Red, Swood, Sea H, Visc Alb

Hysterectomy HB Poppy, Nat Fluor


IBS Apple

Immune compromised conditions Ash

Impetigo Mold

Impotence Blue, Caes, Oak, Sea H

Incarnating difficult see Hard to be here

Indecision Con, Green, M Way, Sequ, Wych Elm, Yell

Industrious Oak, Sequ, Thymus G

Inertia, stasis Bfly, Caes, Con, F-me-not, Green, Okou, Purp, Sequ, Tig E, Visc Alb, Wych Elm

Infertility Alm, Blue, Caes, Chalc, Clay, Eworm, F-me-not, Med Am, Moon, Obsid, Red, Rhod, Rose Q, Swood, Sea H, Sequ, Slate, Syc S, Visc Alb

- low sperm count Apple, Slate, Syc Seed
Inflammation Br Rice, HB Poppy, Red, SWood

Injustice agg Rhod, Slate

Insomnia Apple, Ash

Introverted Eworm, Holly, Jet, Wych Elm

Intuition, enhances and corrects Ash, Nat Fluor

Iron Ash, Holly

Isolated, separate Amet, Blue, Bog Asph, Bfly, Con, C Beech, Gfish, HB Poppy, Jade, Jet, Lac Hum, Kig, Med Am, M Way, Mim, Obsid, Plut, Rhodoc, Rose Q, Ruby, Swood, Sea H, S Salt, Sequ, Sfish, Stront, Wych Elm

IVF Mold, Sea H, Slate, Syc S



Jealousy Cotton, Con, Holly, Holly  B, Peri

Jetlag Alm, Apple, Holly, Plut, Sel, Sfish



Keloid Caes+Thios+Calc Fluor

Kidney stones B Wall, Budd, Gfish, Holly, Oak, Sea H, S Birch

Kundalini, adverse experience of Emer, Jet, Yell


Laser treatment Cott, Rbow, Ruby

Lethargy Alm, Bay, Blue, Bfly, Caes, Clay, Con, Emer, Hbeam, Mim, Okou, Plut, Rose Q, S Salt, Sequ, Sfish, Strawb, Wych Elm, Yell

Leukaemia Bay, Gfish, Phant Q, Purp, Red, Rose Q, Will, Yell

Lichen planus Jet, Sfish

Link breaking Ash, Lac Hum, Olive, Moon, Rose Q, Visc Alb, Wych Elm

Lumbar puncture, epidural Chest R, Eworm, Ether

Lymphoedema Sdrop


Madness (see also Schizophrenia)  B Wall, Bfly, Emer, Hbeam, Holly B, Jet, Kig, Moon, Sea H, Tig E, Wych Elm

Malaria, history of S Salt

Malicious Con, C Beech, Emer, Holly, Holly B, Kig, Obsid, Will, Wych Elm

Manic depression Chest R, Rose Q

Martyrs Caes

ME Ash, Aya, Bay, Blue, Budd, Caes, Chalc, Clay, C Beech, Gfish, Hazel, Hbeam, Holly B, Mim, Nat Fluor, Obsid, Purp, Rose Q, Ruby, Sequ, Syc S, S Birch, Tig E, Will, Wych Elm, Yell

Meditation Ameth,Bfly, Lotus, M Way, Stone

Memory Amet, Ash, Br Rice,Hazel

Meningitis Ether, Oak, Red

Menopause Blue, Br Rice, Bfly, Clay, C Well, Chest R, Chest W, Con, Emer, F-me-not, Hazel, Holly, Jet, Moon, Nat Fluor, Oak, Rbow, Red, Rhod, Rose, S Salt, Strawb, Syc S, Tig E, Visc Alb, Wych Elm, Yell

Mental incapability Aya, Bay, Caes, Clay, Chest W, Con, Emer, Ether, Eworm, F-me-not, Gfish, Holly B, Jet, Kig,

  Med Am, Oak, Okou, Plut, Rose Q, Ruby, Sequ, Sfish, Slate, Wych Elm, 

Miasms – All Nat Fluor, Oak, Obsid, Rbow, Swood, S Salt, Tig E

Miasm – Carcinogenic Alm, Caes, Green, Nat Fluor, Oak, Obsid, Rbow, Strawb, Visc Alb, Will

Miasms – The Original M Way

Miasm – Petrochemical Emer, Jet, Oak, Rbow, S Salt

Miasm – Psoric Chalc, Clay, Eworm, Gfish, HB Poppy, Oak, Obsid, Okou, Rbow, Sequ, Sfish, Will

Miasm – Sycotic Chest R, Clay, Con, Eworm, Gfish, Green, Holly, Lotus, Med Am, Moon, Oak, Obsid, Peri, Plut, Rbow, Rose Q, Ruby, Sea H, Sequ, Will

Miasm Syphilitic Ameth, Aya, Bay, B Wall, Bfly, Caes, C Well, Chest R, Con, Eworm, F-me-not, Hazel, Holly, Holly B, Jet, Kig, Lotus, Nat Fluor, Oak, Phant Q, Plut, Purp, Rbow, Red, Rhodoc, Rose Q, Ruby, Strawb

Miasm – Tubercular Ash, Blue, Chalc, Chest R, F-me-not, Gfish, Oak, Okou, Rbow, Ruby, S Holly, Visc Alb

Miasms, exposes Eworm, Gfish, Green, Holly B, Med Am, Rbow, Rose Q

Miasms, separates Oak, Peri, Will

Migraines Bfly, Emer, Gfish, Holly B, Nat Fluor, Oak, Tig E, Visc Alb

Milk, children want only Eworm, Thymus G

Miscarriage Apple, Emer, Gfish, Kig, Oak, Tig E, Wych Elm

MMR vaccination Apple

Mobile phones agg Cotton

Moon, sensitive to Budd, Lac Hum
Mothers Apple, F-me-not, Green, Holly B, Lac Hum, Moon, Rose, Rose Q, S Salt, Sel, Yell

Mother-child separation Budd, Lac Hum, Rose Q

Motor neurone Ameth, Amet, Nettle

MS Amet, Ash, Blue, Bog Asp, Bfly, Clay, C Beech, Cotton, Eworm, Frank, Nat Fluor, Nettle, Oak, Obsid, Rose Q, Sequ, Sfish, Slate, Syc S

Mumps Apple

Mutation Caes, Chest R, Purp, S Salt, Syc S



Naevi Holly, Plut

Naive Chest W, Holly, Sequ

Necrosis Aya, Bay, Jet, Mold, Plut, Purp, Wych Elm

Nerve regeneration Amet, Cotton, Emer, HB Poppy, Holly, Lotus,

News, sensitive to Alm, Rose

Numbness Alm, Blue, Bfly, Con, Eworm, F-me-not, Gfish, Rbow, Swood, Sequ



Obesity C Well, Chest W, Red

Obsession Ameth, Clay, Med, Oak, Rose Q, Purp, S Holly

Osteoporosis Chalc, Clay, Jet, Sel, Will



Pain relief Alm, Bay, Lotus, Purp, Swood, Strawb

Panic Budd, Hazel, Nat Fluor,

Paralysis B Wall, Budd, Bfly, Clay, C Beech, Con, Eworm, Frank, Gfish, Holly, Kig, M Way, Nat Fluor, Rbow, Sequ, Sfish

Parasites Br Rice, Thymus, Yell
Parents Bog Asp, Emer, Holly, Moon, Ruby, Visc Alb

Parkinson’s Ameth, Bog Asp, Chest R, Cotton, Gfish, Holly, Jade, Kig, Lac Hum, Obsid, Nat Fluor, Sfish, Visc Alb

Pathology Bfly, Jet, S Holly

Plants Apple, Ash, Mim, S Birch, Yell

Polio Aya, Sfish    

Pollution Gfish, Wych Elm

Polycystic ovaries F-me-not, Obsid

Possession Aya, B Wall, Kig, Lotus, Med Am, Moon, Purp, Visc Alb, Wych Elm

Pregnancy Alm, Bay, Blue, Bfly, Chest R, Green, Eworm, Emer, Lotus, Med Am, Moon, Peri, Rbow, Rhodoc, S Salt, Swood, Syc S, Tig E, Visc Alb, Wych Elm, Yell

Protection Ameth, Bay, Budd, C Beech, Holly, Hbeam, Lotus, M Way, Mold, Obsid, Peri, Purp, Rose, Rose Q, Slate, Wych Elm,  

Protein in urine Swood

Prozac etc, effects of Ash, Thymus G, Wych Elm

Psoriasis Br Rice, Gfish, Kig, Lotus, Plut, Rbow, Red

Psoric - see Miasm - Psoric


Radiation – Burns Caes, Gfish, Mold, Moon, Nat Fluor, Purp, Wych Elm

Radiation – General Aya, Bog Asp, Clay, Em, F-me-not, Gfish, Green, Jade, M Way, Moon, Nat Fluor, Plut, Purp, Rbow, Rose Q, Ruby, Sea H, S Salt, Sequ, Wych Elm, Yell

Radiation – Miasm Caes, Emer, Jet, Med Am, Mold, Nat Fluor, Rbow, Ruby, Strawb, Stront, Yell

Raynaud’s Blue, Kig,

Regeneration of tissue Green

- of nerves Cotton, Emer, Eworm, Holly,
Regret Hbeam, Kig, S Salt

Relapses Rose
Revenge Emer, Holly, Holly B
Rigidity Ash, Rose, Slate


SAD Green, Holly, Hbeam, Syc S

Sacrifice Gfish

Scaly Gfish, Sfish

Sceptics Lotus, Wych Elm, 

Schizophrenia Aya, B Wall, Bfly, Chest R, Eworm, Lotus, Med Am, Oak, Peri, Rbow, Syc S, Thymus G, Tig E

School, fear of Alm, Apple, Budd

Scoliosis Br Rice, Sfish, Will

Security Alm

Self-esteem, lacking Blue, C Well, Con, Eworm, HB Poppy, Holly, Hbeam, Jet, Lotus, Med Am, Peri, Purp, Rhodoc, Rose, Rose Q, Sequ, Sfish, Stront, Visc Alb, Will, Yell

Self harm Amet, Holly, Jet, Wych Elm

Sensitive Alm, Apple, Br Rice, Gfish

Sepsis Alm, Bay, Bog Asp, Emer, Jet, Mim, Mold, Plut, Ruby, Wych Elm

Sexual balancing Blue, Budd, Bfly, Caes, C Well, Chest R, Gfish, Holly, Jet, Lac Hum, M Way, Moon, Oak, Obsid, Red, Rhodoc, Rose Q, Syc S, Tig E

Shame Med Am, Red

Shock and trauma Alm, Amet, Aya, B Wall, Budd, Bfly, C Well, Chest W, C Beech, Emer, Ether, F-me-not, Frank, Gfish, Green, Holly, Kig, Lac Hum, Lotus, Nat Fluor, Oak, Obsid, Purple, Rhodoc, Rose, Sea H, Wych Elm, Yell 

Sleepless Ameth, Bay, B Wall, Blue, Bfly, F-me-not, Frank, Purp, Syc S

Sleepy Bay, Br Rice, Chalc, Con, C Beech, Emer, Ether, F-me-not, Gfish, Holly, Mim, Rose Q, Sfish

Spasms and cramps Nat Fluor,

Spina Bifida Amet, Eworm, Kig, Okou

Split see Duality

Stammering Sdrop

Stoic Bay, Oak, Sea H

Stress Blue, C Beech, Eworm, Frank, Green, Holly, Jet, Mim, Nat Fluor, Oak, Rhodoc, Ruby, Swood, Sequ, Stront, Will

Stroke Amet, Budd, Eworm, Emer, Gfish, Kig, Sequ

Stuck Alm, B Wall, Bog Asp, Br Rice, Budd, Bfly, Caes, Chalc, C Well, Clay, Con, Green, HB Poppy, Jade, Kig, Med Am, M Way, Mim, Nat Fluor, Obsid, Plut, Purp, Rhodoc, Rose, Sea H, Sfish, Slate, Syc S, Visc Alb, Wych Elm

Suicidal Holly, Jet, Nat Fluor
Support Rose
Suppression Bay, B Wall, Con, C Beech, Gfish, Kig, Lac Hum, M Way, Oak, Visc Alb, Will, Yell

Sycotic see Miasm – Sycotic

Syphilitic see Miasm – Syphilitic



TB Con, HB Poppy, S Holly

Tendons contracted Holly

Threadveins Sequ

Tinnitus Alm, Bay, Eworm, Gfish, Stront

Tobacco  Clay, Eworm, Jade, Syc S

Tranquiliser homeopathic Budd, Jade

Transitions Alm, Amet, Ameth, Aya, Bay, B Wall, Br Rice, Budd, Bfly, Chalc, C Well, Chest W, Con, Ether, Frank, Jet, Nat Fluor, Purp, Red, Rose, Rose, Rhodoc, Swood, Sea H, Slate, Stone, Wych Elm, Yell

Trapped Bog, Asp, Gfish, Syc Seed

Travel sickness Apple, Rose Q, Sapp

Trembling Ameth, Emer, Gfish, Kig, Moon, Obsid

Truth B Wall, Blue, Clay, Jet, Kig, Mold, Sequ, Spect, Stront

Tubercular see Miasm – Tubercular

Tumours, growths, cysts, warts Bay, Budd, Clay, Gfish, Holly, Jade, Lotus, Med Am, Nat Fluor, Oak, Obsid, Plut, Rose Q, Sea H, S Salt, Sequ, Syc S

Twins HB Poppy, Olive, Sys S

Twitching, jerking Amet, Bfly, Emer, Eworm, Kig, M Way, Mim, Sequ, Sfish, Syc S



Ulcers Alm, Br Rice

Ulcers mouth Frank, Sel

Ultrasound Green, Obsid



Vaccination B Wall (BCG), Bog Asp, Bfly, Chest R, Chest W (typhoid), Clay, Eworm (polio and measles), F-me-not, Gfish, Green, Holly, Jet, Lotus, Med Am, Moon, Nat Fluor, Obsid, Rbow, Rose Q, Ruby (measles), S Salt, Sequ, Sfish,  Slate, Visc Alb, Wych Elm

Valves Banyan

Varicose Veins Rose

Vertigo Bay, Br Rice, Hbeam, Med Am, Syc S, Visc Alb

Victim (see bullied) B Wall, Will

Violence B Wall, Bog, Asp, Kig, Med Am, M Way, Nat Fluor, Okou, Red



Warts Holly

Water balance Bog Aps, C Well, Clay, C Beech, Ether, F-me-not,  Gfish, Holly, Jade, Moon, Nat Fluor, Oak, Okou, Rhodoc, Swood, S Holly, S Salt, Sequ, Syc S, Visc Alb

Weep, unable to Blue, Eworm, Moon, Obsid, Plut, S Salt, Wych Elm,

Wounds Bay, Obsid, Ruby, Yell


Organ Affinities

Adrenals C Beech, Hazel, Lotus, Med Am, Obsid, Orange, Red, Rose Q, Syc S

Arteries Jade, Rbow, Red, Rose Q, Sea H

Blood Alm, Caes, Eworm, Frank, Mim, Oak, Purp, Rose Q, Red, Ruby, Swood, Sea H, Sequ, Strawb, Visc Alb

Bones Alm, Aya, Bfly, Caes, Chalc, Jade, Lotus, Rose, Rose Q, Sea H, Sel, Slate, Will

Breasts Blue, Holly, Lac Hum, Med Am

Ears Bay, Blue, F-me-not, Jade, Kig, Okou, Med Am, Swood,  Slate,

Eyes Aya, Bay, Blue, Bog Asp, Budd, Con, C Beech, Ether, F-me-not, Gfish, M Way, Moon, Oak, Obsid, Purp, Rbow, Red, Rose, Swood, Sea H, Sequ, Sfish, Slate

Female organs Blue, Bfly, Chest R, Chest W, Emer, F-me-not, Med Am, Moon, Oak, Rose, Swood, Slate, Syc S, Will, Yell

Gall bladder B Wall, Chest W, Clay, Oak, Nat Fluor, Okou, Sequ

Head Amet, Bay, B Wall, F-me-not, Frank, Med Am, Nat Fluor, Sel, Sequ, Wych Elm

Heart Ameth, Aya, Bay, B Wall, Bfly, Emer, Frank, Jade, Kig, Nat Fluor, Oak, Obsid, Peri, Red, Rhodoc, Rose, Rose Q, Ruby, Swood, Sea H, S Salt, Sfish, Slate,  Will, Yell

Hypothalamus Eworm, Sea H, Sel

Intestines Eworm, Obsid, Okou

Kidneys Budd, Clay, Emer, Jade, Moon, Oak, Rhodoc, Red, Rose Q, Swood, Sapp, Sea H, S Salt, Sequ, Strawb, Visc Alb

Liver Alm, Bay, B Wall, Caes, Chest W, Clay, Eworm, Mim, Oak, Okou, Red, Rose Q, Ruby, Sea H, Sequ, Yell

Lungs Ameth, Aya, Blue, Clay, Caes, Con, Eworm, Emer, Gfish, Green, Med Am, Mim, Moon, Oak, Okou, Peri, Rose, Rose Q, Swood, Sea H, Sfish, Sel, Stront, Visc Alb

Male organs Blue, Con, Chest R, Chest W, Oak, Syc S

Pancreas Bay, Bfly, Chest W, Con, C Beech, Hazel, Okou, Ruby, Sapp, Slate, Syc S, Visc Alb

Parathyroid Alm, Bog Asp, C Beech, Jade, Mold, Moon, Rose Q, Sapp, Sel, Stront

Pineal Rbow, Sea H, Syc S, Visc Alb

Pituitary Alm, Amet, Bay, Blue, Bog Asp, Clay, F-me-not, Nat Fluor, Rbow, Rose, Sel, Sequ, Syc S, Visc Alb, Yell

Skin Bay, Clay, Holly, Hbeam, Med Am, Rhodoc, Sequ, Strawb

Skull C Beech, Peri

Sphenoid bone Rose, Syc S

Spine Budd, Bfly, C Well, Holly, Lac Hum, Kig, Lotus, Nat Fluor, Oak, Rose, Swood, Sequ, Sfish, Slate, Syc S, Will, Wych Elm

Spleen Apple, Bay, B Wall, C M Way, Caes, Chest W, Clay, Holly, Jade, Oak, Red, Sapp, Yell

Stomach Bay, Chest W, Sapp

Throat B Wall, C Well, Chest R, Emer, Kig, Nat Fluor, Plut, Purp, Sapp, Sfish, Slate,Strawb

Thymus Amet, B Wall, Chest R, Clay, Jade, Jet, Lac Hum, Mold, Nat Fluor, Rose Q, Sapp, Slate, Yell

Thyroid Alm, Bay, Blue, Bog Asp, Budd, Bfly, C Beech, F-me-not, Jade, Jet, Plut, Purp, S Salt, Stront, Syc S, Yell

Veins Bay, Blue, Chest R, Rose, Rose Q, Purp, Wych Elm


System Affinities

Circulatory Alm, Aya, Bay, Blue, Con, Emer, Eworm, Frank, Gfish, Purp, Rose, Rose Q, Swood, Sea H, Will, Wych Elm

Digestive Aya, Bay, Clay, Eworm, Frank, Obsid, Okou

Endocrine Bay, Con, F-me-not, Jade, Lotus, Oak, Sapp, Sea H, Sel, S Birch, Syc S, Wych Elm

Immune  (see AIDS) Ash, C Beech, Eworm, Green, Hbeam, Jet, Kig, Rose Q, Sea H

Lymphatic Ash, Caes, Emer, Eworm, Green, Mim, Moon, Oak, Obsid, Plut, Ruby, Swood, Sea H, Visc Alb

Nervous Amet, Ameth, Bay, Blue, Bog Asp, Bfly, Chest R, Emer, Eworm, F-me-not, Frank, Gfish, Green, Holly, Kig, Lac Hum, Lotus, M Way, Nat Fluor, Rose Q, Swood, Sapp, Sequ, Sfish, Slate, Visc Alb, Wych Elm

Urinary Bog Asp, C Well, Clay, C Beech, Ether, F-me-not, Gfish, Holly, Jade, Moon, Nat Fluor, Oak, Okou, Rhodoc, Rose, Swood, S Holly, S Salt, Sequ, Syc S, Visc Alb


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