Madeline (who shares a birthday with Samuel Hahnemann) has been practising homeopathy since 1979 after a career in teaching in her 20s. She began studying homeopathy in the mid 1970s with two homeopaths in London and attended the first year at the first College of Homeopathy. When her studies here were interrupted by the birth of her first child, she was already seeing patients.

In 1983 she moved from London to York where she soon established a busy practice and the following year founded the Yorkshire School of Homeopathy, where having to teach forced her to fill in the gaps in her theoretical knowledge. As she had to earn a living to support her two children, she was committed to working full time and thereby acquiring a great deal of practical homeopathic experience and understanding.

In her 20s she was attracted to Buddhism and Taoism and began meditating and in finding Homeopathy also found a spiritual understanding that seemed to form a cohesive whole with what she had already experienced.

She was a member of one of the groups which produced the new provings through meditation in the 1990s and through ‘Prometheus’; and lectures, seminars and conferences has opened these remedies to a wide audience of homeopaths. Her book 'Notes on the Meditative Provings of New Remedies', describing 52 of these remedies, was published in 2000.


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